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Altern 8 fan Loz Russell on why he started the campaign to get the Stafford rave act to Christmas number one

By Staffordshire Newsletter  |  Posted: January 02, 2014

By Yasamin Saeidi

  • Loz Russell

  • Altern 8

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In our last interview with Altern 8’s Mark Archer on the resurrection of old hit Activ-8 (Come With Me) in the Christmas singles chart, he revealed Loz Russell- a fan from Brighton, as the instigator of the campaign.

We tracked Loz down to find out why he started the campaign to get the Stafford rave act to Christmas number one.

“I love the tune and Altern 8 for me embodied everything I loved about the era - they just ticked every box: they weren't pretentious, they had a damn good ethos and they completely understood what we wanted.

“I think on reflection that I wanted something a little incongruous to appear in the charts. Rock had had its turn and it was time for something for us rave heads. I never expected that the group would ever be taken as seriously as it was. The first evening I put it up, there were 6 likes. The next morning there were 6 thousand. I could not believe it. Each successive thousand barrier was an amazing feat.

“It still seems unreal that I have helped to get this track back into the charts after 22 years, but it proves that there is still a massive amount of love for Altern 8, that rave is a very positive way of life rather than just a musical fad of the 90s.

“Dare I say it; I hope that this project will serve to kickstart a musical renaissance: I saw that Orbital had reasonable success with Christmas Chime - I bought the track. I hear a lot of some of the more commercial tunes of the day being played on the radio and it occurs to me that the whole scene never actually went away; it just hibernated in the record collections of a whole generation.

“Maybe the conditions are right for rave to make a comeback. There is the same need for togetherness as there was in the 90s, the same oppression from an overbearing government, the CJB has been relaxed to allow for fledgling illegal raves and God knows we need a bit of fun to lift all our spirits in these dark times.”

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