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My Beauty Obsession!

By Staf Newsletter  |  Posted: July 12, 2012

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Hey guys, this time round, I'm telling you just why I'm so obsessed with make up.

In a previous post, I told you all that I found beauty to be a massive boost for me. I never used to wear make up, bar the good ol’ black eyeshadow/eyeliner/nail polish that is, now, we have a massive love affair and I’m not sure what I’d do without it! Thankfully, my other half supports my obsession and even helps me choose and make more logical decisions in my purchases with selecting things I’m likely to get the most out of and finding the current offers… I very rarely buy make up that isn’t on some sort of offer nowadays!

I used to be so impatient. I saw a product. I wanted it. Right then, that instant! Now I wait… there are always offers on, be it 3 for 2 or on a specific product/range of products and then I can pick it up at a discounted price, much more friendly on the purse! Not to mention how loyalty cards like Superdrugs Beauty Card and Boots Advantage Card are my new best friends... as are Boots’ No7 vouchers! There is always a bargain to be found. You just need to have a proper look!

While waiting for my prescriptions in Superdrug, I was lured by the make up in lights. I used to grab the cleaner looking testers and blend some pretty colours on my arms and have a play. Over time, I started making purchases based on what I made of the sample products. The pigmentation, the having to take the rough side of the sponge to my arm to get the colours off because they had so much staying power, the velvety soft touch of a quality eyeshadow… Ah, bliss.

But my biggest love of all? Nail polishes. The item that I used to purchase the most, in fact. I still do. I have a nice collection of them now and it's still growing. Nail polishes are an easy way to just add a splash of colour to your day. They were a low-effort way for me to feel a bit better about myself. I liked having nice nails. It’s one of the few nice things I could have. It added some light to my gloom and I genuinely just enjoyed the small amount of 'me time' that I could have.

Make up itself was a lot more time consuming and a lot of effort considering I used to be housebound. I was never at all girly but as I grew older, I wanted to be more feminine. Nail polish was the perfect way for me to feel like I was achieving that. To date, I have a collection of over 100 polishes. I wonder how long it'll be until I get to 200! It’s becoming difficult to store them, I had a system but my collection out-grew it.

Compared to other beauty bloggers, I have a fairly reasonable collection of polishes. My make up collection though seems to be small in comparison! I think no matter what, nail polishes will always be my go to. I love a pretty nail colour. They can accent an outfit. Not that I’m at all fashionable, I’m a 'whatever is on sale at ASDA' kind of girl. Still, I like to see my nails as a sort of accessory. It’ll match those.

I’m far more fashionable in my head, so I like to think. Instead I’ll do some simple yet effective nail art or something like that. I often receive compliments on my nails and I am asked if I had them done at a salon or if I did them myself. Though to a fellow nail obsessive, they’ll know I did them. How about in my next post I’ll show you guys some simple summer nail art you can do on some summer suitable nails! But for now… my nail polish is calling and it takes me half an hour to choose which colour I want! Till next time!

Written by Elizabeth Fleming of BeneBelle

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