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Beauty pick me ups in Stafford

By Staffordshire Newsletter  |  Posted: January 14, 2014

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January has never been known for its joyous occasion. More often it is associated with the depressing debt from over spending at Christmas and comes before the month when you have to start spending all over again for Valentine’s Day!

Well, we here at Staffordshire Newsletter we think that it’s time that poor, unassuming January stepped out from beneath its post-Christmas cloud and stood tall before February slides in, with its promise of love. So let's make the most of the fact that January is the month where absolutely nothing is going on, giving us the perfect opportunity to get started on a health and beauty regime to have us looking fabulous for those summer holidays!

Here Lesha Chaplin Park talks us through the top 10 tips and tricks that you can start right now to help kick start towards a better you.

By the skin of your teeth

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Don’t be the person who panics the week before a holiday or event and stocks up on a whole new skincare range, only to have an unsightly break out just when you really don't need it. Your skincare regime should start at least 6 months before an event to maximise on results, however don’t be swayed by the latest fad or facial as it might not be suitable for your skin. Instead, speak to a skincare specialist who will impart their wisdom on whipping your skin into shape. Award winning beauty salon Bespoke Beauty Clinic in Newcastle-under-Lyme have some of the most cutting edge treatments in Staffordshire and owner, Karen and her team will offer you a free consultation to develop a skincare program that is perfect for your skincare needs.

For more information visit Bespoke Beauty Clinic at 45 West St, Town Centre, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, ST5 1BS or call them on 01782 618002.


Beauty in a tablet - Oh if only it were that simple! IMIDEEN is, however as close as you will get to such a claim. The formula works from within to improve the quality and appearance of the skin inside and out on both your face and body. This is thanks to something called ‘The Biomarine Complex’ which is a patented fish extract rich in proteins which are similar to the proteins found in the dermal layer of the skin. The tablets come in three types specifically formulated for different life phases:

  • Derma 1 for women aged 30+
  • Time Perfection for women aged 40+
  • Prime Renewal for women aged 50+

However, you’ll need to take them for 12 to 24 weeks before you notice a difference.

A IMEDEEN 1 month supply starts from £35.23, click here for more information.

Eye deal

It is a well-known fact that stress is ageing, especially around the eye area. It’s also a well-known fact that life is stressful. So give yourself a head start and invest in a wonder product called Elite Serum which is an eye treatment that has taken America by storm due to its amazing ability to diminish dark circles and plump out the skin creating a more youthful eye area in just three weeks. And joy of joys, a Cannock based company has purchased the rights to Elite Serum in the UK and Europe making it now available online in the UK!

The fact that Elite Serum has been recommended by Dr. Oz - who you will know as the well-known and respected cardiac surgeon, TV personality and scientist - amplifies its appeal. This rare endorsement from Dr Oz came about on the Opera Winfrey Show putting Elite Serum on the map and in the bathroom cabinets of women across America.

You will need to apply the light weight formula morning and night after cleansing for optimum results and the company recommend you take before and after pictures of yourself after three to four week to see the results for yourself.

Elite Serum costs £72 for 14ml, click here for more information.

On the lash

Long beautiful lashes are youthful and pretty, however most of us were not born with luscious lashes! But as is the case with many things, if Mother Nature didn't provide it – you can simply buy it!

Nouveau lashes are state of the art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer, thicker and more natural looking lashes. They are applied individually to create a striking and defined result. They also vary in length and thickness depending on how dramatic you dare to go. They are extremely comfortable to wear and cause no damage to your own lashes. There is no need for mascara, which is ideal for holidays or a special occasion but they will need to be maintained every 2 to 3 weeks.

Nouveau Lashes start from £45. Visit Browns Salon at 3 Gaol Mews, Gaol Rd, Stafford, ST16 3AN or call them on 01785 259 952 for more information.

Au naturel

If the thought of wearing false lashes isn't for you, then LVL lashes may just tick the box. LVL lashes is a lash lifting treatment which is designed to work with your own lashes, enhancing them by straightening them rather than curling to create the illusion of longer thicker lashes. This procedure opens the eyes creating an attractive wide eyed yet natural look.

LVL Lash Treatments start from £45. Visit Browns Salon at 3 Gaol Mews, Gaol Rd, Stafford, ST16 3AN or call them on 01785 259 952 for more information.

Hi brow

Brows have come a long way. Whether you favour the TOWIE dramatic look or the classier Made in Chelsea style, HD Brow will do wonders for your face. The HD procedure is simply an eyebrow shaping treatment which follows a seven step process incorporating tinting, waxing and threading - however the really clever part is creating the ideal brow shape for your individual face. Whether dark or natural in colour, thick or thin, sharp or curved, a trained HD specialist will advise which shape will flatter your face, so it is important to seek out a trained HD specialist for the best results. You will need to maintain the look every 4 to 6 weeks depending on hair growth, but even makeup free you will look fabulous.

HD Brow Treatments start from £25. Visit Browns Salon at 3 Gaol Mews, Gaol Rd, Stafford, ST16 3AN or call them on 01785 259 952 for more information.


Years ago, Botox was seen as an extravagance. Today it is viewed as a beauty necessity by thousands of men and women across the UK. With more and more opting for this treatment as a beauty boost for special occasions including holidays, it is important to not only understand the process and what it can do for you, but to ensure you find the right person to do it.

Botox works by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles leaving the injected muscle unable to contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. It is most often used for lines on the forehead, crow's feet around the eyes and frown lines, all of which contribute to a tired, worried look associated with stress and aging. What Botox does, is creates a fresher, brighter and more lifted effect around the forehead and eyes.

Where to go?

Don’t chase the deal - this is your face remember, not a pair of shoes that can be discarded and replaced. So don’t be tempted by half price offers from your local beautician, dentist, or friend whose 24 hour training now qualifies her to hold Botox Parties! It is absolutely vital to seek out a trained, experienced specialist who has the qualifications and customer reviews to prove it.

Staffordshire based Barbara Pointon is a Harley Street trained Aesthetic Nurse and Independent Nurse Prescriber who specialises in the advanced application of both Botox and fillers. For more information or to book a free non obligatory consultation with Barbra, click here.

Pure and simple

Of course, not every beauty product costs money. Possibly the most effective beauty product is absolutely free and available to every one of us in the Western world yet is shunned by many - what are we talking about? Water!

It is baffling as to why we spend so much on beauty products and treatments only to ignore nature’s finest beautifier. Drinking three litres of water a day for three weeks will give you hugely impressive results from plumped out skin to less wrinkles and sparking eye’s. The drawback of course is that initially whilst your body is getting used to it, you will be in the loo every 5 minutes, but it’s a small price to pay for knocking five years off your looks in three weeks!

If you have days where popping to powder your nose every five minutes is not appropriate, opt instead for another of nature’s finest - pure coconut water which is even more hydrating than water and is very pleasant tasting too.

Holland and Barrett in Stafford Town Centre sell a 1ltr carton at £4.75 (prices may alter due to promotion) but for all of your H2o needs, head to the tap!

Sleep tight

It’s typical that the times when you need a good sleep, your body cruelly keeps you awake half the night. If awaiting the December credit card bill is keeping you awake at night, try investing in Valarian Root drops which is a 100% natural product that will send you straight off to the land of nod.

Valerian Herbal Liquid Extract is price at £12.47 and is available online by clicking here.

Chill out

Remember we are learning to love January here, but if the January blues have not quite disappeared, pop 12 drops of Rescue Remedy on your tongue. This natural remedy derived from plants will instantly calm the nerves allowing you to thoroughly enjoy every day that January throws at you.

Rescue Remedy costs £9.65 for 20ml or £7.25 10ml at Holland and Barrett in Stafford Town Centre.

And finally, smile! There is nothing more attractive on a miserable day than a beautiful smile.

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