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Family's fury at cracker gaffe

By Staf Newsletter  |  Posted: December 29, 2011

OFFENSIVE . . . Tim Jones with the World Trade Centre trivia his son found in a Christmas cracker.

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A FAMILY had their Christmas dinner ruined when they opened a cracker containing an offensive quiz about the World Trade Centre.

Sheila Jones said the slip of paper which asked people to name the “the twin skyscrapers, 1,361 feet high, that are the tallest buildings in New York “ was inexcusable more than a decade after the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11.

The 47-year-old was tucking into a festive meal at her home in Wildwood, Stafford, with husband Tim when their son found the insensitive question inside a cracker which had been bought from the town’s Wilkinsons store two weeks ago.

She said the find wrecked the family’s yuletide celebrations and could have had a “devastating” effect on people who knew victims of the terrorist attack.

“To say the atmosphere changed at our Christmas meal is an understatement,” Mrs Jones said.

“This is a completely tasteless and will undoubtedly offend many, many people.

“We personally did not lose anyone in the 9/11 atrocities but were still totally shocked by this and cannot believe that such a thing could be considered suitable for a Christmas cracker or any other occasion for that matter.” Mrs Jones’ discovery comes just three months after a ceremony was held at Ground Zero to commemorate 10 years since the attacks.

Nearly 3,000 died on September 11, 2001 when al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four passenger planes.

Mrs Jones added: “I just hope no-one opens one of these cracker boxes who has lost a member of their family.

“When my husband read out the piece of paper I couldn’t believe it.

“I can only assume these crackers are old stock and many years old, printed before the dreadful events of September 11th. I would like an explanation from Wilko.” The message was contained in a box of eight “luxury” crackers manufactured in China, which Mrs Jones had purchased for £10 from the Broad Street store to help provide a lift to festivities.

A spokesperson for Wilkinsons said the firm was disturbed to hear of the incident.

"We are a family business and would never knowingly include inappropriate material in our Christmas crackers.

“We apologise to our customers and an immediate investigation is under way with our suppliers."

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  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 08 2012, 1:28AM

    So the dead carcasses on your table aren't enough to put you off? They used to be alive and now you're EATING THEM. Spare a thought eh.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 08 2012, 12:28AM

    These people are the true victims of the September 11th attacks. I hope they have a better Christmas in 2012.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 07 2012, 9:35PM

    Sue Wilko for compo. They will have to pay you a fortune, it will be like winning the lottery.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 07 2012, 8:03PM

    I think you're being unfair. Look at the date on the story. This is obviously an April Fool.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 07 2012, 7:06PM

    Tim Jones was so shocked by the incident that he could only be photographed diagonally.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 07 2012, 6:20PM

    This family must have been having a dreadful Christmas if something as inconsequential as this ruined it.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 07 2012, 6:03PM

    Offensive? really? seriously? i though it was going to ask questions like how many died and how but no its a general knowlege quiz. I'm sure people who read this will have a quiz book somewhere with the same questions in. are we now to burn these books? Dear Jones family if that offeneds you then i really really worry what will happen if someone swears at you by accident

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 07 2012, 3:15PM

    That this could happen is just plane crazy.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 07 2012, 2:42PM

    I find Mr Jones's moustache offensive. I await his apology.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  January 06 2012, 6:21PM

    First the mad Barbie Doll woman and now the crackers Joneses. CEN, do you need a new reporter for your human-interest stories?