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Jewish businesswoman Sam Caldicott slams anti-HS2 group for 'disgusting' video

By Staf Newsletter  |  Posted: March 22, 2013

'DISGUSTING' ... A screenshot from the parody film that offended Trentham businesswoman Sam Caldicott

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A JEWISH businesswoman who lost 300 family members in the Holocaust has slammed anti-HS2 campaigners for uploading a ‘disgusting’ video portraying Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin as Hitler.

The parody clip, uploaded by Staffordshire Against HS2 Group leader Rolfe Pearce, shows a scene from 2009 film Mein Kampf.

The scene has been ‘comically’ edited to include subtitles depicting Tom Schilling, who plays Hitler billowing orders to his generals, as the Transport Secretary.

Mr Pearce says the video is ‘light relief’ for those being ‘dictated to’ over Government plans to rip through swathes of the countryside surrounding Stafford to build a high-speed rail line.

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However, Trentham resident Sam Caldicott does not see the funny side of the video and claims it is an ‘insult to the memory’ of those who lost their lives during World War Two.

She said: “To be honest, I find it deeply offensive that this has been put on the campaign group’s home page.

“There’s a message on there that someone’s put up saying ‘If you don't have humour, then you may as well nail the coffin lid down now’.

“What I’d say to that is how about the coffins that good decent people should have had when they got thrown alive in to ovens because Hitler decided that they were not good enough?

“I think these people need to get real. As a businesswoman myself, I know how much these plans will help me and others like me.

“It’s only the older generation who are complaining about this, not younger, more progressive people who want to see things move forward in a positive way.”

Mr Pearce said: “I am ex-army, as are my brothers, and I believe that freedom of speech was one of the most important things that our soldiers fought for during World War Two.

“I would never, ever dream of trivialising the Holocaust or the tremendous hardship so many people went through during that time.

“I sincerely apologise to anyone who may have been offended by this, but, equally, some of the elderly residents who have suffered and been left completely uninformed over what’s going to happen to their homes by HS2 have told me it made them smile over the issue for the first time.

“They had first-hand experience of the war and their plight is the real story. When I went leafleting recently, an elderly rural resident had no knowledge of the fact her home was going to be affected.

“I had to spend two hours holding her hand and explaining what was going on to calm her down but I just felt awful for her.”

“I’ve already seen evidence of those who want this scheme to go ahead using any means possible to have a dig at our cause so I’m not surprised by this criticism.

“However, I can assure you that most of the feedback I’ve had about the video has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The video is available to watch online at www.staffsagainsths2.blogspot.co.uk.

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  • MrsWesterfield  |  April 30 2013, 3:44PM


  • Samthewitch  |  April 19 2013, 8:00PM

    Once again missing the point by miles, so many holes that a train could be driven through. There is nothing wrong with stone, I was brought up just outside stone on my grandparents farm, I am very passionate about this area. I shop in the local shops and support local business as much as possible. But everyone has got change, the attitude of 'not on my door step' is pathetic! You seem hell bent on 'alternatives' The M51 proposal would certainly mean the closure of stone station, Would you care to comment on that? Also this was started by the person who thought putting footage of mass murder and changing the language to fit HS2. Something you have yet to comment on. Would you like to debate where my family are now? or would you like to continue debating something that is going to happen and will in time show that it was the right thing to do. Yes I'm ALL FOR HS2.

  • Algorithm27  |  April 19 2013, 6:40PM

    To Samthewitch. I didn't say anything about banks? Question: where is the £32billion pounds going to come from? You don't need a crystal ball to work it out! And thats before the massive running costs. All it will do is displace people to different parts - people will move away from the blighted areas to where the stations are. It will only move jobs from one part to another. This has been shown to occur already with HS1. What is wrong with Stone as it is now - why plough up our countryside for this when there are other alternatives like 51M have suggested? These work out much more cost effective. How is HS2 going to run itself - who is going to pay for the huge amount of energy it will take? The National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Conservative Transport Group, Institute of Economic Affairs, Federation of Small Businesses, Centre for Economics and Business Research, The Taxpayers Alliance, several County Councils and other bodies are against HS2 - including local MP's. They can all see the case for HS2 is flawed on economic and environmental grounds - not to mention causing disruption to communities and social reasons. Are these the points that have been missed?

  • Samthewitch  |  April 19 2013, 2:31PM

    It seems that the last comment was not even getting the point of which I was making! This organisation of stopping HS2 or rather the person who posted the video has a tendency to upset people. As I have commented, it is from my observation that it is the older generation who are complaining. You state that you don;t want to be saddled with the debt? But are complaining about the bank the government own and the debt it has put the general public in? HS2 is going to happen, it needs to happen. Some areas like Stone are commuter towns now. There is no natural industry, there are limited job opportunities, HS2 will open up a whole new world for them who work in the city or as they have put it 'fat cats' would you consider me a 'fat cat' because i own a highly successful business, have a good standard of living? They have so commented on a 'ruined future' didn't know they had a crystal ball and could predict the future and what it holds. If they did, maybe they could win the lottery and become one of the 'Fat cats'. Once again the point has been totally missed. That is what I find disgusting.

  • Algorithm27  |  April 18 2013, 8:42PM

    Why does Ms Caldicott assume its only older people against HS2? Thats ageist and she should withdraw her remarks! I don't want to be saddled with debt so that fat cats who can afford to sit on a train to save a few minutes at my expense! And I wont even be in a position to use it! Think of the environment too! People who don't have the opportunity to pay the expense of a HS train and those in different parts of the Country are subsidising these fat cats - they should be ashamed - but then the politicians are also all in it for themselves so they won't think of the common people nor the environment. Thanks a bunch for ruining my future and saddling all the young ones with extra debt - thats the disgusting part!!

  • mrsdale  |  April 10 2013, 1:39PM

    You wrote "this is not my video", so if this is the case why does it say at the top of this page "The parody clip, uploaded by Staffordshire Against HS2 Group leader Rolfe Pearce, shows a scene from 2009 film Mein Kampf." If you didn't make it why haven't you asked for a retraction from the Newsletter? You also wrote that the video made some people smile. Presumably your video in which someone said they hoped a health campaigner (who has since been greatly praised by the Prime Minister David Cameron) would die in the back of an ambulance make people smile. Are you proud of that, too?

  • labwalker  |  April 10 2013, 10:36AM

    Yes the film may have been doing the round since 2009 but its is sick to even think of using it. You may not of made but you used it. It makes thick of Similar argument of “I was only following order” does that apply to you?

  • Staf Newsletter  |  April 09 2013, 9:47PM

    Hello Mr Labwalker, I did not make the film it has done the rounds since 2009, and it IS funny, please find it on line youtube and see for yourself and look at the comments not one like yours please add one

  • labwalker  |  April 09 2013, 4:37PM

    The bloke should be ashamed of himself for even thinking of using the video, it is NOT funny.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  April 04 2013, 7:45PM

    Hello Mrs Dale, As ever many people get this wrong, I am still a member of the Labour Party and no-one asked me to resign. As ever you have the details wrong, this is not my video I didn't make it, it was made in 2009, can't remember your protest then.........