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Living on £1 a day - Newsletter reporter Kerry Ashdown

By Staf Newsletter  |  Posted: April 08, 2013

  • Reporter Kerry Ashdown - Living on £1 a day

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STAFFORDSHIRE Newsletter reporter Kerry Ashdown took up the challenge to live on £1.

Hello, reporter Kerry Ashdown here and day one of my live for £1 a day for a week challenge is here!

Here is all the food I have bought to last the week, minus a bunch of bananas this morning.
I hoped to get a cheap bunch of ripe bananas,... but I didn’t find any so I got a bunch of 7 green ones for a bit more money later in the day instead.

Including the bananas (which were 68p) my food total for the week pictured here is £6.87, leaving me 13p spare if I spot anything later in the week.

To eat this week I have bought so far:

7 bananas
a 100g bar of dark chocolate
250g plain rice (quarter of a 1kg bag)
250g pasta quills (half of a 500g bag)
250g porridge oats (half of a 500g bag)
1 pint semi-skimmed milk
400g loaf of white sliced bread (14 slices)
tub of cream cheese
600g bag of chopped carrots, swede and potatoes (found in a reduced to clear veg section)
tin of chopped tomatoes
tin of kidney beans
tin of baked beans
tin of chopped pork
pack of 12 sausages
pack of 12 beef meatballs (found in a reduced to clear meat fridge)
4 vegetable stock cubes (taken from a pack of 10)

When I told people I planned to eat meat and chocolate every day some were surprised at my choice.
But meat and chocolate are two of my favourite things so I thought it would feel less tough to live on basics if I included basic chocolate and meat in the list.
Day 1 
Hello, Kerry again. Starting my food challenge today seemed simple enough on Wednesday – until I remembered my friend had booked tickets for us to go to The Cake and Bake Show in Manchester!

Looking at the delicious cakes and savouries and... beautiful sugarcraft played havoc with my stomach, which had to content itself with porridge mixed with a little milk and water for breakfast.
So I made the most of any free samples that came my way until lunchtime, including bite-sized bread, brownie and icing pieces.
Eating at the venue was not an option today however – my friend was eyeing up the tasty looking meat pies but they were £3.50 each – half my week’s budget!

I took my packed lunch with me – two slices of bread spread with cream cheese.
Before I set out for Manchester I looked in my purse for any free food vouchers to redeem.
Good news – I had a free taco to pick up on a loyalty card which I did with gusto after munching through my bread and cream cheese.
Later on to keep me going I had a banana.

I have just polished off my first evening meal in the challenge – and I’m so full I have had to leave one of the sausages!
Waste not, want not however – I plan to eat it cold for lunch tomorrow. A bit later I shall have 3 and a half chocolate squares for dessert.

Here is a picture of my dinner before I wolfed it down. It contained four sausages, approx 120g of chopped veg mix, approx 83g plain rice, one vegetable stock cube and an onion.
I cooked the rice, veg and stock cube together in my rice cooker and the sausages and onion slices were baked in the oven.

Taste-wise it was nicer than I thought it would be.
The crispy onion and sausages were the best bit and the rice had a good savoury flavour from the stock cube.
It’s a good job I liked it because I will be making the same dinner for the next two days too.
I wonder if I will like it as much by Monday night?
Day 2
Hello, Kerry again and it's day two of my eat for £1 a day challenge.
Breakfast was a lovely big bowl of porridge with milk and water again - which is pretty much what I eat most days for breakfast for its filling qualities.

My lunch is pictured below - two slices of toast spread with cream cheese, and yesterday's leftover sausage cold, with a banana for dessert.
Again, I'm a big fan of leftovers if they're going at any time - pasta and cold meats are a particular favourite for the next day's dinner.

This afternoon I'm now feeling hungry - is this because of the quality of my lunch or that I'm more aware than usual of what I'm eating because I know my food is limited/ rationed?
I reckon it's probably a bit of both as I'm not eating the most nutritious of diets this week.
I'm now realising I should have given a bit more thought to what would be better for me than what I wanted to eat - I'm looking at you chocolate...

...I am about to start something to keep me occupied, but it is still food related.
 My trip to the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester yesterday inspired me to get out my mixing bowl, so I've spent 7p from my remaining 13p budget on a couple of ingredients to do some home baking.
Come back tomorrow to see how I get on!

Thanks to everyone for all your commnts and tips.

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