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New Year's Resolution ideas to keep kids fit

By Staffordshire Newsletter  |  Posted: December 23, 2013

By Emma Garner

Boy with football
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Traditionally, many of us make resolutions when it comes to the New Year but sadly, few of us keep them! Luckily, kids love traditions like New Year’s resolutions and it’s a great chance to help them form some healthy.

It’s a better method than simply telling your kids to make a change, as kids respond much better to something when they’re given the chance to set their own resolutions. It will make them feel grown-up and you can of course, set an example by following yours too!

Here are three simple ideas to help inspire you and your kid’s that are both fun and healthy!

Learn to cook

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Rather than “eat more vegetables” as a resolution, try getting kids to learn to cook with you; this way they can learn more about healthy food, and try out lots of new flavours to see what they like and don’t like. Plus, kids are more encouraged to eat something if they made it themselves!

Visit local tourist attractions

Things like going to the zoo, walking around local cities and even going to gardens and parks require a lot more physical activity than you might think! Walking around a zoo could mean you cover miles of walking in just one day, but you can bet the excitement of seeing all the animals will keep your little ones going! Gardens and parks also offer a great way for kids to get outdoors and really run around in a safe environment with other kids, plus they can take advantage of the variety of play areas.

Join a club

Whether its ballet or football, scouts or tennis, these clubs help kids meet new friends and each session will lead to a healthy workout that feels like a game more than it feels like exercise. The key to getting kids active is to make everything fun for them – kids are active by nature so it’s just a matter of giving them the opportunity. If there are no clubs in your area, it’s really easy to start a little football club if you have some time to spare as a coach; you can get all the equipment at places like The Soccer Store.

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