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Pot-holes are a scandal

By Staffordshire Newsletter  |  Posted: April 12, 2014

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I HAVE been driving for nearly 50 years but it is only in the last ten that I have suffered damaged car springs.

Last week I had to pay for a fourth one to be replaced.

The mechanic told me that they now get a steady flow of vehicles with damaged springs.

Sadly I cannot claim the repair costs from the council.

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The damage is not due to hitting a single deep pothole, I've managed to avoid those so far.

It is the cumulative effect of having to drive over many small potholes, raised or lowered utility grids, sunken trenches, ludicrous speed humps and ramps at pedestrian crossings.

A local councillor seemed to imply that the wet winter was responsible for many of the potholes in and around Stafford (Newsletter, 13 March).

Anyone who drives around the area on a regular basis knows that many of the potholes have been there for years.

They may have got worse but they were dangerous before the winter weather.

Apparently it will cost about £12 billion to repair all the potholes in the country.

I believe that this is about one quarter of the total taxation taken from motorists so there should be plenty of money. And I bet this does not take into account all the money levied by councils in parking charges and fines.

I note that some of the potholes are now being filled in (I hesitate to use the word repair).

The process appears to involve dropping a dollop of Tarmac in the hole and smash it down with the back of a spade.

This leaves it standing proud with no sealing around the edges.

I predict that most of these holes will reappear within months.

Gerry Lester

Church Lane


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