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Stafford students launch petition and social media campaign to 'Save Stafford Campus'

By Staffordshire Newsletter  |  Posted: December 16, 2013

By Robin Scott

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STUDENTS reacted furiously to claims by Staffordshire University bosses they ‘did not like’ the Stafford campus.

After the Newsletter reported a last minute summit had been staged to argue the case for saving the Beaconside campus from a proposed move to Stoke, angry students took to social media to express their outrage at the plans and the comments made in their name, with many of them claiming they had never been asked their opinion.

A Facebook page called The Student Voice – Save Stafford Campus set up on Thursday had received more than 400 ‘likes’ in the first few hours and had 888 at the time of writing.

A post by one of the administrators of the page reads: “This page was made to show the outrage we have at the recent article published by a local news paper about our campus. The plan is to get a big enough following to show the news paper and the uni heads that we students do like and care about Stafford.”

The page has been deluged with comments since its inception and has lead to the launch of a Twitter account @WeLoveStafford which has been tweeting positive comments from students about their experience of Stafford and an online petition, which at the time of writing had more than 100 signatures.

Commenting on the petition Denise Smith said she ‘outraged’ to think the campus would be ‘destroyed’.

“It’s my home,” she said. “There's plenty of us loyal to Stafford- so keep it there.”

Lily Fox, a former student from Derby, said: “Stafford campus was fantastic to me, an inspiring and practical place in a beautiful region close to my favourite little old town in the world.”

Richard Cierniak, a current student, said: “Stafford is a great campus.

“Closing the Stafford campus not only affects the campus itself, but also Stafford as a town,” he said. “As soon as it closes, there will be lots of empty houses, lots of shops will lose out on money, and also the town center will be completely dead at night.

“The students of the Stafford Campus contribute a lot to the town in this way.”

Richard Bartlett, also currently studying in Stafford, said despite claims students thought the campus was too remote, he found the town’s facilities all in easy reach.

“I imagine students will form a large amount of the customers that Stafford has,” he said. “Taking the campus away will be damaging to the town and will cause more hassle than necessary for its students.”

John Sibson, a student at Stafford for four years, said he felt students would suffer if the campus moved, but added that what he found most unacceptable about the proposal was the idea the money invested in the Stafford campus in previous years was wasted.

“All this talk about saving money and simply throwing it away in a short-sighted move to save money and space,” he said. “Why not invest in the facilities and make it even easier to move between campuses and encourage students to use both?

“Make it a University to be proud of.”

Jack Fenton said he thought Stafford was a ‘beautiful town’ and the ‘heart of the University’.

Benjamin Gray questioned claims students had said they disliked the campus.

“I have heard no one say they disliked the campus being in Stafford.

“ne of the reasons I chose this university was because of its location; close to my home city of Birmingham but so much quieter with a mostly friendly population and everything a student would need within reasonable walking distance. I cannot in full confidence say that Stoke has these things, and it would very much disappoint me if it were to move as I feel there are likely others who have come to this university with the same reasons in mind.

However a student posting on the Newsletter website as ‘That_Guy1’ said: “I do not like the Stafford campus.

“I am assuming here, but most people who are ‘outraged’ (more like marginally peeved), are probably first years or the prospective students who do not know how bad it is.

“I won’t take any credit away from the lecturers, most of them do a grand job, especially as the syllabus for my course has been uninspiring.

“Stafford itself, is a nice place but that's not the problem; it's the people who attend.

“What makes a uni experience is the people you meet and the journey you take with them, no matter how nice the uni is (Stafford isn't that nice).

“Unfortunately, and I put it down to the types of courses that are segregated at the Stafford campus, the majority of people are antisocial, inconsiderate and selfish (and unhygienic to say the least) which made me feel very isolated.

“Thankfully I had met a handful of decent people, there’s always a minority, and I will treasure those memories but later on when people ask which uni i went to, I will not feel proud to say ‘I went to Stafford’.”

The petition can be accessed at http://www.change.org/petitions/staffordshire-university-save-stafford-campus-consider-the-opinion-views-of-the-stafford-students-who-like-support-the-stafford-campus-and-want-it-to-stay?share_id=mMStWcRlpk&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition

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