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Staffordshire primary school SATs results revealed in new league table

By Staffordshire Newsletter  |  Posted: December 12, 2013

Staffordshire primary school SATs results revealed in new league table
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DOZENS of primary schools in Stafford and the rest of the county have today had results published about the performance of children under a new tough standard in SATs examinations.

Schools have had to get used to a new standard in both reading and maths as well as pupils having to sit a new grammar test designed to examine whether they could spell and write properly.

See the table below for the results of your school or see results across the county mapped out.

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SchoolTownTotal pupils aged 11%age achieving L4 in reading, writing and maths%age achieving L5 in reading, writing and maths%age pupils achiving L4 in GPS test
All Saints CofE (A) Primary SchoolStafford1155%9%55%
All Saints CofE (C) Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent4185%33%80%
All Saints CofE (C) Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent2160%10%65%
All Saints CofE (VC) Primary SchoolWolverhampton888%50%88%
Amington Heath Primary School and NurseryTamworth1353%7%53%
Anglesey Primary AcademyBurton-on-Trent
Anglesey Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent 40%5%52%
Ankermoor Primary SchoolTamworth1267%8%50%
Anson CofE (A) Primary SchoolStafford11100%30%100%
Baldwins Gate CofE(VC) Primary SchoolNewcastle1694%18%100%
Barnfields Primary SchoolStafford4476%22%61%
Belvedere Junior SchoolBurton-on-Trent4649%7%53%
Berkswich CofE (VC) Primary SchoolStafford2692%25%92%
Betley CofE VC Primary SchoolCrewe1479%36%79%
Bhylls Acre Primary SchoolWolverhampton2692%19%88%
Bilbrook CofE (VC) Middle SchoolWolverhampton2866%7%55%
Birds Bush Primary SchoolTamworth4465%16%67%
Bishop Lonsdale CofE VC Primary SchoolStafford2775%21%79%
Bishop Rawle CofE (A) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2677%4%46%
Blakeley Heath Primary SchoolWolverhampton3858%13%61%
Blessed Mother Teresa's Catholic Primary SchoolStafford1681%31%81%
Boney Hay Primary SchoolBurntwood1040%10%40%
Bradwell County Primary SchoolNewcastle3184%26%84%
Brewood CofE (C) Middle SchoolStafford8380%31%78%
Bridgtown Primary SchoolCannock3487%16%77%
Brindley Heath Junior SchoolStourbridge6891%41%82%
Bursley AcademyNewcastle4293%33%88%
Burton Manor Primary SchoolStafford2680%4%84%
Castle Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent683%33%67%
Castlechurch Primary SchoolStafford5076%16%72%
Chadsmead Primary SchoolLichfield3778%28%83%
Chadsmoor CofE (VC) Junior SchoolCannock4286%12%57%
Chancel Primary SchoolRugeley2496%38%96%
Charnwood Primary SchoolLichfield1871%18%94%
Chase Terrace Primary SchoolBurntwood5374%15%70%
Chase View Community Primary SchoolRugeley1778%17%61%
Cheadle Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent6085%20%86%
Cheslyn Hay Primary SchoolWalsall6474%20%82%
Chesterton Primary SchoolNewcastle2386%18%64%
Christ Church AcademyStone11868%28%71%
Christ Church CofE (C) Primary SchoolLichfield5683%36%86%
Church Eaton Endowed (VA) Primary SchoolStafford3SUPPSUPPSUPP
Churchfield CofE (C) Primary SchoolRugeley1953%11%53%
Churchfields Primary SchoolNewcastle3072%14%59%
Churchfields Primary SchoolNewcastle
Churnet View Middle SchoolLeek12043%3%47%
Codsall Middle SchoolWolverhampton12082%24%86%
Colwich CofE (C) Primary SchoolStafford18100%28%94%
Cooper Perry Primary SchoolStafford2893%29%71%
Corbett VA CofE Primary SchoolStourbridge3SUPPSUPPSUPP
Coton Green Primary SchoolTamworth4390%34%83%
Crackley Bank Primary SchoolNewcastle1471%14%57%
Croft Primary SchoolRugeley2580%16%80%
Dilhorne Endowed CofE (VA) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent4SUPPSUPPSUPP
Dosthill Primary SchoolTamworth8487%36%89%
Dove Bank Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2572%24%48%
Doxey Primary and Nursery SchoolStafford1659%6%53%
Edge Hill Junior SchoolBurton-on-Trent8178%18%74%
Ellison Primary SchoolNewcastle2677%8%77%
Endon Hall Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2492%29%92%
Our Lady of Grace Catholic AcademyStoke-on-Trent1SUPPSUPPSUPP
Etching Hill CofE (C) Primary SchoolRugeley4381%16%72%
Eton Park Junior SchoolBurton-on-Trent5170%19%74%
The Faber Catholic Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent1173%18%64%
Five Ways Primary SchoolCannock8678%28%73%
Flash Ley Primary SchoolStafford3263%22%56%
Flax Hill Junior SchoolTamworth5682%21%84%
Florendine Primary SchoolTamworth3882%21%87%
Forsbrook CofE Controlled Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2796%39%89%
Friarswood Primary SchoolNewcastle1788%35%82%
Fulfen Primary SchoolBurntwood5864%19%74%
Fulford Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2SUPPSUPPSUPP
Gentleshaw Primary SchoolRugeley2190%19%86%
Glascote Heath Primary SchoolTamworth2558%21%58%
Glenthorne Community Primary SchoolWalsall1888%12%59%
Gorsemoor Primary SchoolCannock5691%30%86%
Great Wood Community Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent1560%13%73%
Greenacres Primary SchoolTamworth4684%29%80%
Greysbrooke Primary SchoolLichfield2781%26%67%
The Grove Primary School and Nursery UnitStafford1553%7%87%
Hanbury's Farm Community Primary SchoolTamworth1862%10%71%
Hassell Primary SchoolNewcastle3284%13%65%
Haughton St Giles CofE (C) Primary SchoolStafford1883%33%83%
Havergal CofE (C) Primary SchoolWolverhampton1974%16%74%
Hayes Meadow Primary SchoolRugeley2688%19%73%
Hazel Slade Community Primary SchoolCannock1182%0%64%
Heath Hayes Primary SchoolCannock1660%0%73%
Hempstalls Primary SchoolNewcastle2696%48%96%
Henry Chadwick Primary SchoolRugeley1593%33%93%
Highfields Primary SchoolBurntwood3184%6%71%
Hob Hill CE/Methodist (VC) Primary SchoolRugeley2075%20%70%
Hollinsclough CofE (VA) Primary SchoolBuxton767%33%50%
Holly Grove Primary SchoolBurntwood3889%16%71%
Holy Rosary Catholic Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent3193%27%97%
Holy Trinity CofE (C) Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent1968%16%53%
Horninglow Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent3057%10%67%
Howard Primary SchoolTamworth1078%22%78%
Hugo Meynell CofE (VC) Primary SchoolMarket Drayton3580%34%89%
Ilam CofE (VA) Primary SchoolAshbourne875%25%88%
James Bateman Junior High SchoolStoke-on-Trent10056%7%54%
Jerome Primary SchoolCannock2483%29%67%
John Bamford Primary SchoolRugeley4468%9%84%
John of Rolleston Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent3888%40%90%
John Wheeldon Primary SchoolStafford5467%11%62%
Knutton St Mary's Primary SchoolNewcastle2164%5%55%
Lakeside Primary SchoolTamworth2478%0%70%
Landau Forte Academy GreenacresTamworth
Landywood Primary SchoolWalsall4360%9%53%
Langdale Primary SchoolNewcastle5472%33%69%
Leasowes Primary SchoolStafford5194%14%92%
Little Aston Primary SchoolSutton Coldfield3494%41%88%
Littleton Green Community SchoolCannock2760%16%48%
Longford Primary SchoolCannock4163%12%51%
Longwood Primary SchoolTamworth1738%13%44%
Manifold CofE (VC) Primary SchoolBuxton0
Manor Primary SchoolTamworth1292%25%92%
Mary Howard CofE (VC) Primary SchoolTamworth1080%40%80%
Maryhill Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2554%15%31%
Meadows Primary SchoolCrewe1250%17%67%
Meir Heath Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent4992%22%80%
Millfield Primary SchoolTamworth5763%18%58%
Moat Hall Primary SchoolWalsall4863%25%81%
Moorgate Community Primary SchoolTamworth3056%9%53%
Moorhill Primary SchoolCannock4360%14%52%
Mosley Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent16100%31%88%
Needwood CofE VA Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent6SUPPSUPPSUPP
Norton Canes Primary SchoolCannock3437%9%37%
Oakhill Primary SchoolTamworth1443%0%50%
Oakridge Primary SchoolStafford320%0%0%
Oldfields Hall Middle SchoolUttoxeter12961%19%61%
Our Lady and St Werburgh's Catholic Primary SchoolNewcastle3177%29%81%
Outwoods Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent6491%30%92%
Parkside Primary SchoolStafford1694%38%94%
Penkridge Middle SchoolStafford11372%19%65%
Perton Middle SchoolWolverhampton8678%26%74%
Pye Green Valley Primary SchoolCannock5383%28%70%
Ravensmead Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent4381%23%79%
Redbrook Hayes Community Primary SchoolRugeley2762%4%69%
Redhill Primary SchoolCannock2264%5%59%
The Reginald Mitchell Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent3284%9%56%
Richard Crosse CofE (A) Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent1995%30%90%
The Richard Heathcote Community Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2090%15%90%
Richard Wakefield CofE (VC) Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent2685%23%65%
Ridgeway Primary SchoolBurntwood3974%21%77%
Riverview Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent4168%13%60%
Rushton CofE (C) Primary SchoolMacclesfield0
Ryecroft CofE (C) Middle SchoolUttoxeter5051%8%71%
Rykneld Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent6583%21%85%
St Andrew's CofE (C) Primary SchoolStafford2688%38%88%
St Andrew's CofE (C) Primary SchoolTamworth5SUPPSUPPSUPP
St Anne's Catholic Primary SchoolStafford2893%21%86%
St Anne's CofE (VC) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2584%28%68%
St Austin's Catholic (VA) Primary SchoolStafford2883%24%72%
St Bartholomew's CofE (C) SchoolBuxton0
St Benedict Biscop CofE (F) Primary SchoolWolverhampton2696%46%96%
St Bernadette's Catholic Primary SchoolWolverhampton4SUPPSUPPSUPP
St Chad's CofE (C) Primary SchoolNewcastle3585%32%94%
St Chad's CofE (VC) Primary SchoolLichfield3373%21%70%
St Christopher's Catholic Primary SchoolWolverhampton2886%25%89%
St Dominic's Catholic Primary SchoolStone2287%13%70%
St Edward's CofE(VA) Junior High SchoolLeek18472%20%68%
St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary SchoolTamworth2778%30%70%
St Filumena's Catholic Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2692%23%85%
St Gabriel's Catholic Primary SchoolTamworth5276%12%67%
St Giles' and St George's CofE (C) Primary SchoolNewcastle3065%13%65%
St Giles Catholic Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent3187%13%68%
St James CofE (VC) Primary SchoolRugeley10100%0%90%
St John the Evangelist Catholic PrimaryStoke-on-Trent2274%13%65%
St John's Catholic Primary SchoolStafford1671%29%76%
St John's CofE (C) Primary SchoolWolverhampton5186%27%90%
St John's CofE (C) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2669%8%77%
St John's CofE (C) Primary SchoolNewcastle2396%22%96%
St John's CofE (C) Primary SchoolStafford4386%10%74%
St John's CofE (C) Primary SchoolDudley1040%20%50%
St Joseph and St Theresa Catholic PrimaryBurntwood2592%16%96%
St Joseph's Catholic Primary SchoolLichfield3074%26%81%
St Joseph's Catholic Primary SchoolCannock2792%12%88%
St Joseph's Catholic Primary SchoolRugeley1543%0%21%
St Joseph's Catholic Primary SchoolUttoxeter2781%31%73%
St Lawrence CofE (C) Primary SchoolStafford2281%24%76%
St Leonard's CofE (A) Primary SchoolTamworth989%33%67%
St Leonard's Primary SchoolStafford2680%8%80%
St Luke's CofE (C) Primary SchoolNewcastle1553%0%33%
St Luke's CofE (VC) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2997%24%90%
St Lukes CofE Primary SchoolCannock6185%21%69%
St Margaret's CofE (C) Junior SchoolNewcastle6281%16%73%
St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolLeek1587%60%80%
St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolCannock2769%15%81%
St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolNewcastle4182%26%79%
St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolStafford10100%40%100%
St Mary's CofE (A) Primary SchoolRugeley683%33%67%
St Mary's CofE (A) Primary SchoolMarket Drayton2SUPPSUPPSUPP
St Michael's CofE (C) Primary SchoolLichfield5977%37%80%
St Modwen's Catholic Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent2789%36%82%
St Patrick's Catholic Primary SchoolStafford2572%24%68%
St Paul's CofE (C) Primary SchoolStafford1173%18%64%
St Peter's CofE (A) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2681%23%62%
St Peter's CofE (C) Primary SchoolStafford1593%40%93%
St Peter's CofE (C) Primary SchoolWalsall1676%29%76%
St Peter's CofE (C) Primary SchoolCannock5971%19%61%
St Saviour's CofE (VC) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2896%29%71%
St Stephen's Primary SchoolLichfield2983%24%72%
St Thomas' Catholic Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent3294%23%81%
St Thomas' CofE (A) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2960%23%50%
St Thomas More Catholic Primary SchoolWalsall1776%47%82%
St Werburgh's CofE (A) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent1782%24%82%
St Wulstan's Catholic Primary SchoolNewcastle5578%27%76%
SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary SchoolLichfield1190%10%60%
Scientia AcademyBurton-upon-Trent
Scotch Orchard Primary SchoolLichfield2882%29%82%
Seabridge Primary SchoolNewcastle53100%35%85%
Shobnall Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent3697%49%94%
Silkmore Community Primary SchoolStafford1656%6%56%
Silverdale Primary SchoolNewcastle2482%0%86%
Sir John Offley CofE (VC) Primary SchoolCrewe1291%9%91%
Springcroft Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2778%11%74%
Springhead Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent2295%18%64%
Springhill Primary SchoolBurntwood3158%16%68%
Stoneydelph Primary SchoolTamworth3669%22%78%
Thomas Barnes Primary SchoolTamworth1090%40%80%
Thomas Russell Junior SchoolBurton-on-Trent6669%22%76%
Three Peaks SchoolTamworth5569%15%67%
Thursfield Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent3479%18%85%
Tillington Manor Primary SchoolStafford3378%13%59%
Tower View Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent3370%3%64%
Two Gates Community Primary SchoolTamworth4382%16%66%
University Primary Academy KidsgroveStoke-on-Trent
Valley Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent6100%50%100%
Victoria Community SchoolBurton-on-Trent3471%15%79%
Walton Priory Middle SchoolStone9167%12%67%
Waterhouses CofE (VC) Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent0
Werrington Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent5173%18%73%
West Hill Primary SchoolCannock4578%18%64%
Western Springs Primary SchoolRugeley2374%9%43%
Westfield Primary SchoolWolverhampton6293%41%85%
Westlands Primary SchoolNewcastle-under-Lyme1771%24%59%
Whitgreave Primary SchoolWolverhampton2779%24%86%
Whittington Primary SchoolLichfield3497%29%91%
The William Amory Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent1479%36%86%
William Macgregor Primary SchoolTamworth2359%9%68%
William Shrewsbury Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent8780%22%73%
Willows Primary SchoolLichfield4286%21%95%
Wilnecote Junior SchoolTamworth6577%18%60%
Windsor Park CofE (C) Middle SchoolUttoxeter10775%20%74%
Winshill Village Primary and Nursery SchoolBurton-on-Trent2662%19%69%
Wood Lane Primary SchoolStoke-on-Trent12100%17%83%
Woodhouse Middle SchoolStoke-on-Trent8784%25%67%
The Woodlands Community Primary SchoolTamworth3580%14%74%
Woodseaves CofE (C) Primary SchoolStafford1794%50%94%
Yoxall St Peter's CofE (VC) Primary SchoolBurton-on-Trent1794%35%94%

Abbreviations and notes

SUPP: Results are not shown because of the risk of an individual's results being identified as fewer than ix pupils were included.

NA: Test results are unavailable.

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