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Summer Nails

By Staf Newsletter  |  Posted: July 25, 2012

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Last time, I 'fessed up to you guys about my make up obsession and told you about one of my most favourite little pleasures in the world - nail polish.

At last, we finally have some sunshine; but you can bring a little bright and sunny colour into your life any time that you like! Even if it is a gloomy summer, that doesn't mean your nails need to be dull! You can brighten up anything with a nail polish; or even tone it down... the possibilities are endless!

Summer is all about brights! Here's a nice little spectrum from my collection. You can find the majority of these polishes on the high street and if not, there are duplicates for them out there if you look. For non-high street shades, I've attempted to provide a possible 'dupe' for you!

Sorry the orange was free with Fabulous Magazine last year and exclusive but it's one of the only oranges in my collection that I can get my hands on! Though if you want a longer fix, you could try Shellac nails. Ask your salon. Shellac usually last 14+ days!

The above image from left to right -

O.P.I Nail Laquer in Cajun Shrimp (Dupe: Rimmel Pro - Coral Romance)

China Glaze Nail Laquer in Wicked Style (Dupe: Ciate - Jelly Bean, which is free in Marie Claire this month)

Nails Inc in Atomic

Barry M Nail Paint in Yellow

17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Juicy

17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Catwalk Couture

Rimmel 60 Seconds in Blue Eyed Girl

Barry M Nail Paint in Indigo

In the above picture, you can see my summer nail art, and below I'll tell you how to do it yourself! I used Rimmel Pro in Sea Green with Rimmel 60 Seconds in Sky High to do the ombre, but this looks really nice using 17 Catwalk Couture too and is actually the polish I used when I originally did this nail art! I'll try to explain this as best as I can, but I've never done a tutorial before so bare with me! Though if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! Try commenting at the end of the article =)

  • First of all, you need to apply a base coat. I use Barry M clear (Basecoat, topcoat & Nail Hardener). Of course, let it dry first, base coats are very important to reduce any possible staining and to protect your nails!

  • Next apply 2-3 coats of your chosen polish depending on how many it takes for it to look opaque! Make sure to let them dry a bit in between coats. It doesn't take long for nails to be touch-dry, but it can take up to 2 hours for nails to dry fully! If you dig you nail in to another a nail, it'll leave a massive indent even if they're dry to the touch.. I know, impatient eh. Just go to the toilet before you do your nails. I've ruined many a nail art by needing to go to the toilet before they're dry. Oops!

  • Below you can see my tools of choice were Rio nail pens in Yellow and White, but if you do not have nail art pens, you can use a tiny fine brush or a tooth pick. Although you will need to make sure you have white and yellow nail paint instead.

  • Using your tool, make 5 dots in a circle to make the flower petals, how close or far apart you want them is down to you, you can see how I've done it. Repeat this on each nail and do as many flowers as you want. I reccomend waiting for one hand to be completely dry before doing the other. Though you don't have to wait for the dots to be completely dry to do the next step.

  • If you're using a toothpick, just place a little dot of paint on the tip of it to make the dots, adding more paint to the tip until it looks how you want it to.

  • Repeat the step only using yellow to place a dot in the middle of each set of 5 white dots for the center of your flower.

  • Wait for this to dry. Once dry, apply a top coat to make your nails last longer and wear less. This will also flatten your design a little. Might be worth keeping that in mind if you want it to have a little depth, but it doesn't last as long.

  • Repeat on the other hand and you've got 10 florally summer digits!

Let us know if you have any alternative patterns and send in your pics to staffordshirenewspapers@gmail.com or use our Facebook or Twitter to share them.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! Until next time...

Written by Elizabeth Fleming of BeneBelle.

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