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Teenager who died after being hit by train probably trying to get home

By Staf Newsletter  |  Posted: March 20, 2013

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A TEENAGER who died after being hit by a train at Stafford railway station was probably trying to find his way back to his hotel an inquest heard.

Adam Kennedy was a heat treatment technician and frequently worked away from home.

In August last year he was part of a group working on Rugeley power station and staying at the Abbey Hotel, in Lichfield Road, Stafford.

Towards the end of the contract the group went out into Stafford town centre to celebrate.

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The hearing at Cannock coroner’s court heard at some stage during the evening the 18-year-old became separated from his colleagues and got lost.

The hearing was told he sent texts to his father David, who he lived with in Lincolnshire, who told him to get a taxi back to the hotel but he decided to try to find his way home.

Mr Kennedy’s friends described him as merry not drunk but coroner Andrew Haigh said: “His father believes he was drunk and it’s likely he was drunk. Why he was on the line is not clear. The likelihood is he was just trying to find his way back to the hotel.”

Malcolm Dobson, British Transport Police investigator, said a train driver who witnessed the incident said Mr Kennedy was on the line as a freight train approached behind him.

He told the court the driver of the oncoming train sounded his horn and applied the emergency brake but the train hit Mr Kennedy.

He was taken by ambulance to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire but died six days later.

Mr Dobson said: “This was a tragic accident. Adam consumed an unknown quantity of alcohol and became lost in Stafford before straying onto railway property.”

No post mortem was conducted and the court heard there were no toxicology tests because the hospital didn’t retain a blood sample as requested.

Recording a verdict of accidental death Mr Haigh said the cause of death was water on the brain, traumatic brain injury and multiple injuries.

“The likelihood is Adam mistook the sounding of the horn as coming from the stationary train. He wasn’t aware of that train (behind him) until it was too late.”

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  • Foundationless  |  March 22 2013, 4:02PM

    Just re-read my previous comment Yampy - this is nothing to do with Stafford hospital and it takes a strange sort of person to try and construe it as such. I don't know what your axe is to grind - but we've heard rather a lot from negative naysayers who have nothing helpful to add - like yourself - over the last few years. I suggest you read the following: http://skwalker1964.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/the-real-mid-staffs-story-one-excess-death-if-that/ then tell me about cover ups. Whilst we know of the problems the hospital has had, a lot of people actually have had their lives saved at one time or other in Stafford. If they close or downgrade the hospital, the number of people who will die in ambulances taking an extra 20 minutes to get to North Staffs (where, if you understood the above article, you'd realise this mistake was made) or Wolverhampton will likely be well in excess of the inaccurate statistics trotted out by the popular press and will not be accurately recorded, discussed or enquired about. Finally, put a little effort into spelling and then your posts might not seem so mindless and therefore so easily dismissed.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  March 22 2013, 12:15PM

    Foundationless you not herd of free speech....? stafford hospital is the joke of the country and has been one big cover up FACT....

  • Foundationless  |  March 22 2013, 10:11AM

    yampydoo4321 - your comments are not only wrong, but they are offensive and demonstrate a silliness only paralleled by your name. This has nothing to do with Stafford hospital, and only a strange sort of mind would try and twist it that way.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  March 21 2013, 9:13AM

    Stafford Hospital will never regain any confidence that is a joke rodders the place should be closed for lack of confidence the place is one big cover up kingsmead was the hospital you went in and never come out seems they send you stafford now

  • Staf Newsletter  |  March 21 2013, 8:15AM

    Typical from yampydoo4321, someone quick to blame Stafford Hospital when it wasn't Stafford but NORTH STAFFS that failed to keep the sample. Stafford Hospital will never regain any confidence while people post comments that show they haven't read the story properly and blame Stafford because they saw the word hospital.

  • Staf Newsletter  |  March 20 2013, 5:45PM

    No post mortem was conducted and the court heard there were no toxicology tests because the hospital didn’t retain a blood sample as requested. LOOKS LIKE STAFFORD HOSPITAL FAILING AGAIN TO DO THERE JOB RIGHT.........?