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  • Profile image for hayley-jo
    hayley-jo  |  Sunday, June 01 2014, 11:09PM  |  Report
    lee at toni and guy stafford is the best colourist there is!!!!!!

    I always look forward to coming to toni and guy Stafford and lee really is the best stylist there is - at different times I've had my colour done by other colourists at other salons but no other colourist has what lee's got - lee's colour always has star quality, its classy, has a real quality finish and people who don't have their hair done by lee will never have the look his work gives - it always looks so glamorous, is professional and really the people who have their hair done for tv etc couldn't have a better job done. the whole experience is fantastic - the receptionist on the desk as I go in is so friendly and welcoming and I always have beth style my hair after the colour - she is also so friendly and puts so much effort into the styling - her and lee work so well together and they both create that really special look that as I leave my hair is stunning - I definitely will never have my colour done anywhere else ever cause I'd never find this again!!!!1

    TONI&GUY  |  Monday, June 02 2014, 1:52PM  |  Report

    Thank you Hayley, we love having you in the salon. Alway's bringing us a lovely smile to brighten our day. x

  • Profile image for jkeegan
    jkeegan  |  Friday, May 23 2014, 4:42PM  |  Report
    Toni@Guy, Stafford

    A fantastic team here at Toni&Guy very friendly and helpful, Lauren always cuts my hair and does a great job every time, I recently took my son here for his first haircut instead of the barbers and he loved it, especially having his hair washed.

    TONI&GUY  |  Monday, June 02 2014, 1:53PM  |  Report

    Thank you, we love that your son has enjoyed his experience. After all, all children are the next generation of client's. happy to keep him happy. x

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